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Formula Calculator for MacOSX

Formula Calculator for MacOSX - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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  • formcalc ss
  • formcalc-formulas
  • vardrawer
  • Side drawers to view some functionality only when needed.
  • Chose standard formulas from the side drawer, to ease calculations and improve workflow.
  • Calculate with variables. When you need same value in several places, or you need to change values.

FormulaCalculator is a great calculator application that allows you to perform basic operations, but also provides support for dealing with complex formulas. FormulaCalculator comes with 48 already defined formulas and 74 unit converters: The formula library covers formulas in the area of Finance, Geometry and some other commonly used formulas. The FormulaCalculator was originally developed by me as a project to learn more about the standard Mac development environment - as I have great experience in programming other systems. It has developed into a more advanced desktop calculator that should fit engineers, students, and people working in the finance sector. It easily replace the standard desktop calculator that came with your system.

This calculator has all the basic functions you would expect from a calculator, but then there is more....

The idea was to create a calculator with a familiar user-interface that looks like an ordinary calculator, but then have more advanced functions to those who need covered in side-drawers that are not visible by default. I have baked in a formula library, where a lot of standard formulas are defined as functions. Functions that are easy to use, and give the expected result. To make the functions easier to use, I have made a "request parameter model" that asks for the parameters in plain english. Thus, the user does not need to remember the details, or look up details another place. For those who need details about how the function calculate the result, it can be found in the log window when you press "=".

Here are some of the key-features of the calculator. 

  • A text display show you the formula you enter so you can see it is correct, copy from, edit the formula, etc.
  • 10 variables you can insert in your formula, and then adjust the values of to recalculate with new values.
  • 48 built-in general formulas to ease the calculation of basic tasks, like volume, area of different shaped objects, interest formulas, loan formulas, and more. Those are defined as functions in the calculator.formulas, and more. Those are defined as functions in the calculator.
  • 74 Unit converters that convert different units in the area of weight units, length units, volume units, and temperatur units. 
  • User definable constants stored in the calculator. You can define your own named constants, categorized, in the preferences. Those named constants can be directly used in your calculations or formulas you build.
  • A print roll window, where  full documentation of functions used appears on the roll. The print roll is editable like a document while you work. For comments, delete what is not wanted, etc. The roll can then be copied into, to example some document you are writing.
  • All the calculator variables, user defined constants and preferences, and the print roll are automatically saved, so you can exit and re-enter the calculator and have all the data loaded back.

I hope you will enjoy it as I do !!



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